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Knowledgeable CBD Producers 

Liftreat is a CBD company founded to provide people with a safe and effective alternative medicine. We know that CBD works because the Liftreat family has experienced its remarkable health benefits for ourselves. Not only has CBD helped one of our founders relieve his anxiety and physical damage from non-stop drills and military combat, but his grandmother uses it routinely to ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. As experienced cannabis cultivators, we produce a wide range of CBD products made from ingredients that are lab-tested for quality, potency and safety. You can trust that any Liftreat product you choose, whether it’s our CBD pain management rubs, CBD liquid capsules, CBD herbal drops, or CBD oral sprays will deliver the medicinal benefits you need with none of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Natural health solutions – that’s what we’re all about.

Committed to Helping You Improve Your Quality of Life!


We adhere to the highest industry standards  

As a veteran-owned company, we proudly partner with american farmers and manufacturers. Our CBD comes from high-quality hemp harvested in Kentucky and Colorado, and our products are made in clean, state-of-the-art facilities in Florida. We take above average measures to ensure that our products maintain standards of quality and consistency that are among the highest in the industry. Because of our superior extraction and testing methods, every bottle of CBD oil we produce contains only the purest full spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. We make quality testing a top priority at both our wholesale online CBD division and at Liftreat Farm, our full-service grow that supplies high-grade recreational marijuana to Colorado dispensaries.



As our name implies, our mission is to lift your sense of well-being with products that will help relieve your ailments naturally. That’s why, everything we offer is made with organic ingredients, contains no solvents, is no GMO, cruelty free and suitable for vegan lifestyle . We ship our products anywhere in the country, from Denver, Oregon, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Miami and New York. You can expect to receive your order without delay as we strive for a rapid turnaround with each and every order.

To learn more about our company or our CBD products, or if you would like to place an order, contact Liftreat today.