How CBD Helps Veterans Manage PTSD and Anxiety



CBD oil for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety is on the radar for veterans! We at Liftreat are on a mission to share this ‘plant medicine’ with veterans and all people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety.  Our founder is a Marine and as a veteran he has personally experienced the damage that non-stop drills and deployments can have on your physical and emotional health. After years of searching for treatment   alternative to dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical drugs, he was introduced to CBD oil as an effective way to treat his symptoms. The introduction of CBD into his life was a powerful life-changing experience that inspired him to share it with others; thus, LIFTREAT was born. Liftreat is a CBD wellness line that showcases the power of ‘plant medicine’ and provides an effective way to treat pain, stress and maintain overall wellness.


So, what exactly is CBD and how does it tackle the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety?


CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, is one of over 113 cannabinoids or chemical compounds, found in the cannabis and hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive, and even counteracts the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, found in cannabis and in very small amounts (0.03%) in hemp.


CBD, when taken orally or applied topically, has an activity of interacting with specific receptors on brain cells and throughout the body. This activity is associated with your body’s own Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the endogenous neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors. It is the activity of CBD with these receptors that provides anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties within the body.


We know that CBD acts on the 5-HT1A receptors in the dopamine, serotonin and opioid systems of the brain. This activity, particularly in the serotonin pathway (which regulates mood, cognition and memory), attributes to the strong anti-anxiety, anti-depressant effects of CBD in both the physical and emotional body.


Adding Cannabidiol to your daily routine will introduce the benefits of CBD  in the body and activate its  powerful regulation of the endocannabinoid system in the brain.

PTSD symptoms usually encompass and impact all areas of your daily life.

Feelings of irritability, hostility, agitation and self-destructive behavior are common symptoms that have been shown to be relieved with CBD. In addition, CBD is very effective in managing sleep disorders and nightmares. A few drops of CBD Oilsublingually, (under the tongue), can provide a deep calm sleep, and you wake up feeling calm and refreshed.


CBD is natural, non-toxic, which means you will not experience harmful side effects, and non psychoactive. This is what allows you to dose throughout the day without experiencing side effects that disable normal functions.

You can dose in relatively small amounts, since ‘less is more’ with CBD. When you start CBD just start slow and with small amounts. You can increase amounts, if and when your needs dictate. Listen to your body!


LIFTREAT CBD products are all designed to provide the highest quality and most effective ways to include CBD into your daily wellness routine. You can have the ease of Capsules, yummy natural flavor Oral Sprays,or powerful topical Pain Management Rubs.


We, at Liftreat are passionate about hearing your experiences with CBD. Although there are many scientific studies on the effectiveness of CBD on PTSD and Anxiety, the proof is, as they say, in the pudding! Does it work for you?

Let us know, in the comments below! We love to hear your stories and have your input!